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Unknown landscape error in Spectrum AlarmNotifier NOTIFIER.OUT file


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


The following error is seen in the AlarmNotifier NOTIFIER.OUT file:

AlarmNotifier: Warning: 1:20:53 PM 10/13/2021 - Landscape 0x100000: unknown landscape. 

AlarmNotifier: 1:20:53 PM 10/13/2021 - The VNM Landscape Map contains no landscapes. A possible reason is that you do not have user and/or host access.


Release : Any

Component : SPCAPP - Spectrum AlarmNotifier


There are a few possible causes for this error:

1. The LANDSCAPE parameter in the .alarmrc file used by this AlarmNotifier process is incorrect.

2. The user used to start the AlarmNotifier process is not a valid Spectrum user in the SpectroSERVER database

3. If you have the AlarmNotifier configured to AUTOBOOTSTART, it could be a timing issue starting the AlarmNotifier process


To resolve the issue:

1. Ensure the LANDSCAPE parameter in the .alarmrc file used to start the AlarmNotifier is correct

2. Ensure to start the AlarmNotifier as a valid Spectrum user. Verify the TICKETUSER entry in the ALARMNOTIFIER.idb file specifies a valid Spectrum user

3. Kill the current running AlarmNotifier process so processd starts a new AlarmNotifier