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The DLP LDAP Attribute lookup plugin does not work automatically, but works when executed manually


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Data Loss Prevention Data Loss Prevention Enforce


The LDAP attribute lookup incident plug-in no longer automatically populates the data after upgrading the Symantec Data Loss Prevention Enforce server to 15.8 MP1 .

When an incident comes in, all attributes are blank.


Attribute Lookup Completed
Assigned To= Username= Mgr Last Name= Employee Code= Name= Mgr First Name= Sender Email= Title= Mgr Title= Region= Department= Mgr Email= Group= Mgr Phone= L1-DLP Analyst= Mgr Department= City= Review Status= Mgr Division= State= Tuning Opportunity= Country= Mgr Country= Location= Email= Mobile= Phone= BU= Domain= Category= VIP=


If you manually press the "Lookup" button the attributes are populated correctly.


xxx Attribute Lookup Completed
Assigned To= Username=xxxx_a Mgr Last Name=xxx Employee Code= Name=xxx, xxx Mgr First Name=xxxx Sender Email= Title=Expert xxx Mgr Title=xxx Region= Department=xxx Mgr [email protected] Group= Mgr Phone=+xxx L1-DLP Analyst= Mgr Department=xxx Operations City= Review Status= Mgr Division=xxx  State= Tuning Opportunity= Country=xx Mgr Country=xx Location=xxx [email protected] Mobile= Phone=+xxx BU=xxx Business Unit Domain=xxx Category=Employee VIP=


The plugin has a green checkmark, the directory connection is working and indexed, all user data sources have been indexed.


Release: 15.8 MP1


These attempts to resolve this issue failed:

  • Reloading the plug-ins.
  • Restarting the Enforce services.

The Enforce server had to be rebooted for the LDAP plug-in to start working automatically again.