View - Panel Long Messages
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View - Panel Long Messages


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Where do the panel long messages come from?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


With settings of SARINIT SECURITY=INIT or INTERNAL, View populates the short and long messages from the View CVDEPENU panel/message library. 

With settings of SARINIT SECURITY=LOGON or EXTERNAL, the logon panel long messages are populated by the external security package. 

This is how the product is designed. 

If it is preferred to have the short message display something else, the appropriate message member in the CVDEPENU library can be edited, followed by a run of SARDBASE OLOAD to load in the custom messages.

Note: If any changes are made in the CVDEPENU library, you must be sure that the changes are moved forward when upgrading to future releases. 

The long message displayed, when you press [PF1], are coming directly from the external security package, so this is not something that can be changed from within View.