Question concerning the "Update HOLDDATA" on the Products Menu in CSM


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CA Chorus Software Manager


When I click on the "Update HOLDATA" selection in the top left corner of the "Products" menu in Chorus, it says it has successfully updated HOLDDATA. Is it actually updating the HOLDDATA in my SMP CSI? I'm trying to run a report of my updated HOLDDATA but I'm not getting any results so I must be doing something wrong. Any assistance is appreciated.  


Release : 6.0

Component : Chorus Software Manager


It does not update the CSI's. It downloads the most recent copy of ALL-HOLDDATA.TXT to  /mpm/scroot/DatabaseM/CA/error_hold_data/ALL-HOLDDATA.TXT

It updates the CSI's when maintenance is being applied with the HOLDDATA.

You can get information on HOLDDATA in a CSI by clicking Create LIST ALLZONES Report from the SMP/E Environment Information.