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Internal error: Solaris server Unable to find any processes.


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We have a Solaris server with this alert "Internal error: Unable to find any processes." and the customer has told us that is everything is ok with that server.

I read a solution in this link:, so I modified  "use_perf = no"  and "retry_discover_limit = 3"  in the raw configure as the article stated, but the alert still occurred. Can you give me another solution to this issue?


UIM: any version

Processes probe: any version

- OS: Solaris 11


- processes configuration needed adjustment


In the processes.cfg change the following settings to the values listed below:

   loglevel = 5
   logfile = processes.log
   interval = 180
   samples = 2
   sample_all = 1
   retry_discover_limit = 2
   username_length_unix = 8
   virtual_memory = 1
   real_memory = 0
   use_perf = no
   logsize = 100000
   auto_clear_restart_alarm = true
   get_full_command_line = no
   get_all_running_processes_info = no
   clear_all_alarms_on_restart = no
   process_memory = PageFile
   groups_enabled = no
   user_type = 0
   exclude = Idle
   is_upgrade = 0
Then Deactivate the processes probe, wait for the port and PID to disappear.

Then Activate and test again.

In this case/scenario, no further "Internal error: Unable to find any processes." alarms/alerts were generated.