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Website is giving '403 Forbidden' or 'operation timed out' when accessed via WSS


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Web Security Service - WSS


Particular website is giving '403 Forbidden' when accessed via WSS or a particular website is giving 'operation timed out' when accessed via WSS.


Often government websites check egress ip address and give correct content only if the ip location is from the country.

When you connect to the sites via WSS, these websites check if the request ip address is from "in-country" rather than from abroad.


If a WSS pop / data center is available in the country for which the website has put restriction, the customer can make an IPSec connection to that pop / datacenter.

For WSS Agent, the users in the country will be automatically connected to an in-country pop.

If there is no pop / data center available in that country, you will need to bypass the website from WSS.