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How to find out which attribute in Provisioning Directory is mapped to which attribute in Provisioning Manager UI ?


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CA Identity Suite


In the provisioning manager, we have a clear picture or human readable attributes that represent Unix v2 account template attributes. For example: 

But In the provisioning directory, we have the same set of the attribute but all of them are in non-human readable: 



Release : 12.x, 14.x

Component :


If we connect to Provisioning Server or to Provisioning Directory using LDAP client like Jxpolrer, we can only see physical names of the attributes.

In Provisioning Manager and in IM User Console we see display names, which for DYN based connector like Unix v2 are defined in the connector metadata.


It is possible to find physical attribute name (as appears in Provisioning Directory) and corresponding display name (as appears in Provisioning Manager an in IM User Console) by analyzing connector metadata in the Connector Xpress application.
Please note that this is possible for DYN based connectors only.

    1) Run Connector Xpress

    2) Add a Provisioning Server if not done already

    3) Expand a tree under the provisioning server in the left panel:

    4) Navigate to the corresponding namespace, for instance Unix v2, and in drop-down menu select ‘Edit Metadata’ item:

    5) In the ‘Edit Metadata’ window expand Data Model > Classes > Class of interest > Properties
        Note: Account Template class physical name is eTDYNPolicy

    6) Expand each attribute and find display name:

The same display name appears in Provisioning Manager: