MIA script issuing GTAPRT M2AREA command
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MIA script issuing GTAPRT M2AREA command


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MIM Tape Sharing (MIA)


We have an automation script that needs review.
Basically we trap MIA0020I and issue F MIA,GTAPRT M2AREA.

It looks like a display command is issued and  a WTO comes back stating GTAFIND  No GTALOCAL enqueue found or GTALOCAL enqueue found on.

What is this command and is this script still needed?



Release : 12.5

Component : MIA


GTAPRT M2AREA is the old command for DUMP M2AREA. This command was issued and interrogated to diagnose GTALOCAL delays/hangs (tape allocation issues) prior to MIM 4.1, circa 1995. So even though it would technically still work, the offsets have changed, so the script will not pick up on any problems.

At MIM 4.1 the MIA DIAGNOSE command was added to enhance and format the MTAREA diagnostics.

The global ANALYZE TAPEDELAY command was added in 12.0 and is the enhanced version of the DIAGNOSE command. It is the best way to diagnose tape allocation delays. It requires SET OPTION DDN to be active. Usage details and syntax can be found here.

So automating the new command is an option if there are current concerns with tape delay issues, but the old script no longer serves a purpose.