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Replacing the search server address after DB Copy


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After replacing the UAT DB with the PROD DB search server address is incorrect.  It is pointing to the prod search server.  How to change the Search Server specification to point to a new server.


Release : 17.3

Component : xFlow and Search Server Component


In order to modify the search server that is in place:

- Disable the existing defined Search Server by examining the configuration here:

- Go into the backend MDB database, perform a backup of the MDB database or at minimum table [al_cdb_componentinstallstate] and delete the old Search Server entries by running:

DELETE FROM [al_cdb_componentinstallstate]  where packageid LIKE '%search%' AND machinename = 'name of the old search server'

- Run the 17.3 installer on the new Search Server, referencing the UAT MDB database during the install and selecting the Search Server component.

Additional Information

Please make sure on the new Search Server that it is a brand new server without any Search Server or Service Management components previously installed.  If Search Server is already installed, you will need to uninstall Search Server entirely, then install a new instance with the above instructions.  

It is not possible to skip this step as Search Server needs to be freshly installed brand new with new indexes established.