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Create a MSG rule using EasyRule that sends a WTO to all consoles


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


How can a MSG rule be configured in EasyRule to send MVS messages to ALL the consoles? In the Actions menu of the rule and selecting option M, "Issue z/OS Messages", the selection 'Console Names =>' says to enter a console name but the messages need to go to ALL the consoles.



Release : 13.5 14.0

Component : OPS/MVS


When creating a Message Rule using EasyRule, a WTO can be sent from the rule to all active consoles using the following method...


Within EasyRule, from the Message Rule Main Menu, select "4" for ACTIONS:


Next, select option "M" to issue a z/OS message from the rule:


On the resulting "Issue a New Message" panel there is a "Broadcast" field toward the bottom of the screen. When Broadcast is set to "Y", the associated WTO will be broadcast to all active consoles:


From the Help Menu for panel shown above (F1):


An example of resulting command produced within the generated rule is as follows:

address WTO                                         
   "MSGID(NCTSTMSG) ",                              
  "TEXT('This is a test message ') MCSFLAGS(BRDCST)"