CA V12.1 HTTP_JOB setup
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CA V12.1 HTTP_JOB setup


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CA 7 Workload Automation


Does CA7 have the ability to make HTTP calls? We are discussing moving our batch jobs out to Azure Functions and one of the possible triggers is when another CA7 job completes. But we would have to make a call to the Azure endpoint to know when that job completes, so we’re trying to figure out how we can accomplish this without creating some custom hybrid solution.

If CA7 has the ability to call out to an Azure endpoint by doing either an HTTP POST (preferably) or GET, then we can do a direct integration. 

I believe the means to this may be the CA7 IAS HTTP_JOB type. I'm pretty certain he would require a server running inside the PUBLIX ENTERPRISE network. 




Release : 12.1

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The HTTP_JOB is not a viable alternative.  In this day and age where security breaches
are common most web services require more complex authentication which will make it
very difficult or impossible to call Azure based APIs using the HTTP job type.  

You could check out the POJO_JOB type which allows you to write custom Java code for
any complex scenario and probably handle working with Azure endpoints.