Missing Webengine on Secondary Server
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Missing Webengine on Secondary Server


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager CA Service Desk Manager


Followed instructions to create a secondary server with a webengine, per the following documentation:


Despite the above instructions, not finding the secondary server and its webengine in pdm_status


Release : 17.3

Component : SDM - Install/Upgrade/Configuration


there is no pdm_startup or web.cfg on the secondary server, and as a result it won't start a webengine.  Possibly due to a firewall issue between SDM Primary and Secondary Server


Verify if there is a Firewall present, that the following ports are open and exempt:


One can also check if IIS or Tomcat are present/running on the given Secondary server.  In one such scenario, pdm_tomcat_nxd -c status/stop/start were not responding.

Edit pdm_startup.tpl & pdm_startup file on the primary server to see if the following code is present

after domsrvr connects + 120 
after _ver_ctl_<SECONDARY> finishes 
after _msgcat_build_<SECONDARY> finishes

One possible activity to consider is if there is a testing environment that works and matches the required configuration, to compare the pdm_startup.tpl & pdm_startup files across the two environments and address any discrepancies detected.

Additional Information

Issue may also present when running a migration of an existing SDM instance with a configuration in play to define a secondary server with webengine.

Usually, during startup in a Conventional environment, one starts the secondary server's Proctor, which will await the Primary Server to startup and issue what processes that need to be running on the Secondary Server.  What could happen is the firewall blocks such communications between the two servers, or the pdm_startup.tpl & pdm_startup files on the primary server are corrupted and issue incorrect instructions to the secondary server.