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Dx NetOps - Meraki SDN Devices in Maintenance still generating alert


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CA Spectrum


Number of Meraki SDN devices are in Maintenance but spectrum is still processing critical alarms from VNA for status changes for interfaces.


As per the difference between SDN & SNMP devices.
For SNMP devices Spectrum is the poller, using Maintenance mode Spectrum stops polling that device.

But for SDN devices, poller is VNA. Status will come from VNA only. Spectrum on its own does not know the actual status of the device. So for these models, maintenance mode has to be handled in different way.


Release : 21.2

Component : SPCINT


Feature Request has already been created and it is currently being worked on: F112702: SPECTRUM/VNA - ALARMS ON DEVICES IN MAINTENANCE MODE.


Note : This Article is published in Oct - 2021, if the Feature request is addressed then this article will be updated.