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Dx NetOps - Meraki SDN Devices in Maintenance still generating alert


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CA Spectrum


Number of Meraki SDN devices are in Maintenance but spectrum is still processing critical alarms from VNA for status changes for interfaces.


Release : 21.2

Component : SPCINT


As per the difference between SDN & SNMP devices.
For SNMP devices Spectrum is the poller, using Maintenance mode Spectrum stops polling that device.

But for SDN devices, poller is VNA. Status will come from VNA only. Spectrum on its own does not know the actual status of the device. So for these models, maintenance mode has to be handled in different way.


This feature has been delivered and is part of NetOps 21.2.6 and higher.


Integration with DX NetOps Virtual Network Assurance

  • The event correlation functionality is enhanced to reduce the alarm noise in DX NetOps Spectrum. Alarms from device down, interface down, tunnel down, and SLA threshold violations are correlated appropriately. Hence, reducing the total number of alarms. For more information, see SDN/SD-WAN Event Correlation.
  • You can now place the existing and new SDN/SD-WAN devices coming from DX NetOps Virtual Network Assurance in the maintenance mode while modeling them. If a model is placed under maintenance, the alarms are not raised. For more information, see Place New SDN/SD-WAN Device in Maintenance.


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