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Is it possible to remove the unused objects along with its references from existing workflows?


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CA Automic One Automation


We are in the process of decommissioning objects that are inactive and not used. Removing the object is easy we can use "Remove_object" for that but it does not remove the references of the deleted object from a working workflow and it causes the workflow to fail with "fault_start_impossible" error. Is there a way to remove object along with its references from the workflow from a script?


No, there is no such a way to remove the references of the objects from the workflows directly.

Before removing the object, you need to stop it from being used in other objects/processes. The "search for use" feature will let you know where the object is being used. For more information, see "Search for Use" at:

Important! Deleting an object that is used in other objects can have a serious impact in your processes. To understand the potential effect of deleting an object, first check whether it is used by other objects. 

For more information on Deleting and Restoring Objects: