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We need more than 20 repositories to show up on the page. Can you change the order? - 12.1 Web Viewer


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Can you have more than 20 repositories show up on the page?  Secondly can you change the order?
We have added a new database making it repository 21. We would like to show all the repositories on the first page. There seems to be a limit of 20 repositories to the page set.  If we can't change the 20 repositories page limit, how can we make the new repository show up on the first page?


Release : 12.1



20 Repositories is the page limit under the Advanced Search tab (under the Administration tab, Repository list, too). 

Unlike some other list elements in the Web Viewer, a repositories list under the Advanced Search tab has no controls where you can promote or demote an element within the list. The repositories are listed in the order that they were added, which is to say in the order that they are stored in the DB. So the only way to reorder within your list would be to delete the repository you want to demote, and then in a new session add the deleted repository back.

Before you go through the exercise of changing the order of your repositories in your DB, if your users are accepting of it, they can just flip the Repositories list. If you look under the center Advanced Search tab, right above the first repository, you'll see a "Name" button with little up and down arrows on it. Clicking the Name button flips the list - making the first last and the last first. The Name button sorts the entire list and NOT only within the 20 reports on the page displayed.