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CASB Audit shadow IT does not include all SaaS services in the exported report


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CASB Security Premium CASB Audit CASB Security Advanced


Why does CASB not detect some SaaS services in the shadow IT report?

How often are SaaS services evaluated to keep the BRR rating up to date?



SaaS app services are evaluated based on the necessity and request of our customers. When enough customers with a valid use case request a service be added, CloudSOC engineering and PM discuss the possibility of adding the service. This is typically referred to as a feature request. 

As part of Broadcom's normal process all supported apps are reviewed at least once a year. Changes can occur between those planned updates which are not immediately identified. As soon as any invalid values are discovered the impacted apps are re-reviewed and those values updated to keep the BRR rating up to date.

If there appears to be an app that needs to be evaluated or updated please open a support ticket.