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Low-Scale Data Collector karaf.log error about Data Aggregator ActiveMQ files


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Running a Low-Scale environment with both Data Aggregator (DA) and Data Collector (DC) running on the same server.

After configuring the Low-Scale environment the DA is owned by root and the DC is owned by a non-root sudo-root user.

Post Upgrade verification shows the following errors in the DC karaf.log file.

2021-10-07T18:33:22,865 | WARN  | l 60000-thread-1 | DCMHealthCollector               | lth.collector.DCMHealthCollector  382 | 32 - - 21.2.3.RELEASE-199 |  | cannot get brokerName because parsing /opt/CAPM/IMDataAggregator/broker/apache-activemq-5.16.2/conf/activemq.xml is failed: /opt/CAPM/IMDataAggregator/broker/apache-activemq-5.16.2/conf/activemq.xml (Permission denied)
2021-10-07T18:33:22,865 | WARN  | l 60000-thread-1 | DCMHealthCollector               | lth.collector.DCMHealthCollector  317 | 32 - - 21.2.3.RELEASE-199 |  | unable to read jmx credentials from /opt/CAPM/IMDataAggregator/broker/apache-activemq-5.16.2/conf/jmx.password
2021-10-07T18:33:22,868 | ERROR | l 60000-thread-1 | ExceptionLog                     |  104 | 54 - - 21.2.3.RELEASE-199 |  | An existing application exception RECURRED (Key=f9a847282902e36e53a11e439a307c0211fe9a1c), Recurrence count=2 : Authentication failed! Credentials required
2021-10-07T18:33:22,869 | ERROR | l 60000-thread-1 | ItemRepositoryImpl               | epository.AttributeSourceManager  233 | 54 - - 21.2.3.RELEASE-199 |  | Authentication failed! Credentials required
java.lang.SecurityException: Authentication failed! Credentials required


Different services owned by different users.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


A Low-Scale shared server requires both DA and DC installs are owned by and managed by the same user.

Ensure both are installed using the same user to resolve the error.

The error is benign and can be ignored if desired.