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Scope rules under Admin Roles are doing case sensitive comparison


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CA Identity Manager


Userid is in uppercase and the scope rule of Manager CPCID=admin's CPCID is failing as it is doing case-sensitive comparison. How to do case insensitive comparison?


Manager CPCID" is mapped to "eTCustomeField11" as per CPCCorpPr.xml

"eTcustomerField11" at Directory level in 'etrust_admind.dxc' schema file under DXHOME/config/schema folder is defined as:

schema set attribute etrust-admin-COS-attr:256 = {
    name = eTCustomField11
    ldap-names = eTCustomField11
    equality = caseExactMatch
    syntax = directoryString

"equality = caseExactMatch" is forcing Identity Manager to perform an exact match


Release : 14.3

Component : Identity Manager 

                      CA Directory


Since schema files are part of provisioning Directory installation.  Any modification is NOT SUPPORTED as the future upgrade will overwrite those files.  However, AT YOUR OWN RISK, customer can change it to "equality = caseIgnoreMatch" and restart CA Directory service.