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Changing Protocol in AA --- Disable/Enable SSL


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CA Advanced Authentication - Strong Authentication (AuthMinder / WebFort)


This document discusses enabling/disabling of SSL protocol using AA Master Admin Console.


Release : 9.1

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Not Applicable as an this is an informational document.


Resolution showing screen shots related to CA Risk Authentication. The shared steps can guide one to change the Protocol for CA Strong Authentication.

1. Login to the Master Admin Console. Click on "Services and Server Configurations" (marked as 1), "Risk Authentication" (marked as 2) and Protocol Configuration(marked as 3) in that order.

2. You will arrive at the "Protocol Configuration" screen below. Here in pulldown menu select the instance that you want to change the protocol for.

3. For example let's make a change to the Protocol called "Transaction Web Service". So click on the same.

4. On this screen below first select "Enable" to enable the protocol. 

5. Then select the "Transport" from the pulldown as shown below. Populate the certificate if setting to SSL. Then click on save 

6. Restart the CA Risk Authentication server and then confirm the change in Protocol by looking into the startup file "arcotriskfort.log" in <ARCT_HOME>/logs. Note that post a restart the "Risk Tans WS shows "SSL" instead of "TCP". This confirms the procedure above has worked.

This is an example from arcotriskfortstartup.log

Mon Oct 26 16:02:53.429 2020 INFO:    pid 17608 tid 7388: 2: 0: [7980]: Risk Server Admin TCP Port Number
Mon Oct 26 16:02:53.429 2020 INFO:    pid 17608 tid 7388: 2: 0: [7778]: Risk Server Trans WS SSL Port Number
Mon Oct 26 16:02:53.432 2020 INFO:    pid 17608 tid 7388: 2: 0: [7777]: Risk Server AdminWS TCP Port Number
Mon Oct 26 16:02:53.433 2020 INFO:    pid 17608 tid 7388: 2: 0: [7680]: Risk Server TCP Port Number



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