Unable to uncheck “Include in Hierarchies” on a custom investment
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Unable to uncheck “Include in Hierarchies” on a custom investment


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Is there a way to uncheck the 'Include in Hierarchies' check box for a custom investment (CIT) / (object)? Your existing custom investments automatically had this checked after upgrading to 15.9.3.

You cannot undo the checkbox through the UI as it is grayed out. Is there a way to undo this enablement?


Release : 15.9.3 and higher

Component : Hierarchies


By design, any existing custom investments were updated to have this checked as part of the upgrade to 15.9.3. This was to ensure that any CITs that were included in hierarchies prior to the upgrade were not removed as part of this new flag being added. See the excerpt below from the Clarity 15.9.3 release notes where this is mentioned in section: Enhancements to Hierarchies:

Upgrade Impact

When you upgrade to this release of Clarity, the INCLUDE IN HIERARCHIES flag for existing custom investments would automatically be selected. When you create a new custom investment, you would have the option to include it in hierarchies.


It's not possible to uncheck this as once the value is enabled, it cannot be disabled. A couple of ways to restrict users having the ability to add custom investments with this check box to hierarchies:

  1. Do not provide the users the <CIT> - Navigate access right. If this right is not provided, the CIT will not show up in the selection list in the pull-down when you import
  2. Only provide access to the CIT instances in the CIT you want the user to be permitted to import.