UDP Support on ProxySG
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UDP Support on ProxySG


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  • Does ProxySG provide support for UDP traffic?
  • Can Microsoft Teams be intercepted on ProxySG


Yes, it is supported. SGOS 7.3.2 introduced a UDP-Tunnel proxy service and provided basic visibility into UDP flows through the appliance.
This release allows you to intercept and further manage UDP flows.

UDP proxy services

Starting in this release, the appliance's Default service listener which matched all TCP traffic not intercepted by other services is renamed to Default TCP. A new Default UDP service listener has been added, which is used for all UDP traffic not intercepted by other services.

This release also introduces the following new CLI commands:

  • # (config udp_proxy_service) intercept <subcommands>
    Set the behavior of the UDP service listener to intercept.
  •  # (config) udp-tunnel <subcommands>
    Configure UDP tunnel connections.

In the ProxySG Admin Console, you can configure a UDP Tunnel proxy service in Configuration > Services > UDP Tunnel Proxy Settings. See snippets below, for guidance.

New Microsoft Teams proxy service

This release includes a new built-in proxy service for Microsoft Teams. This proxy service uses the UDP Tunnel proxy and is set to Bypass by default. To edit the Microsoft Teams service, use the following commands:

#(config proxy-services)edit "MS Teams"

This changes the prompt to #(config MS Teams). Refer to the #(config udp_proxy_service) command in the Command Line Interface documentation for supported subcommands. see snipet below, for guidance.

New policy URL scheme

The url= and related url conditions now support UDP as follows:


Statistics and monitoring

Statistics about UDP traffic are now available in various areas of the Management Console:

  •  Active Sessions
  • Advanced URLs:
    • Show UDP proxy debug log - Displays information such as internal settings and error messages
    • Show UDP proxy statistics - Displays basic statistics about memory, flow, and transferred bytes
  • SysInfo

In addition, the ProxySG Admin Console shows UDP Tunnel service information in Reports > Traffic Details.
More Information:

  • Command Line Interface Reference
  • SGOS Administration Guide
  • SGOS Administration Guide (Admin Console Edition

See Release the attached release notes for further referenced, concerning UDP support/features IN SGOS 7.3.2.X and later.