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Unable to display iesIfName list attribute in Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


I am adding a new field to the interfaces tab, called iesIfName, in which I am referencing an attribute from Alcatel devices. Howver all the values in this list attribute are printed to 1 row on the interfaces tab instead being associated with the correct interface.  I  have followed the instructions in the documentation but even using the refID, I cannot get this to work.


The iesIfName instanceID for this table has no reference that would correlate the instance in the SAP table to a specific interface in the IfTable.  This cannot be displayed in Spectrum due to this lack of reference in the iesIfTable.  



Release : 21.2

Component :


There is no way around this problem unless the vendor changes the attributes list values e.g. instanceID to somehow reflect the indexID of the device.  This is a vendor mib issue.