How to mass change the recipient email address in Uprocs email notification
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How to mass change the recipient email address in Uprocs email notification


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Because our domain name has changed and the old will be removed, we'll have to adjust the current email addresses in the email notification section.

Is there a command or other way to easily do this without adjusting it for every uproc manually?


Release : 6.x



The easiest way would be exporting the uprocs into an xml file, and then doing the changes into the xml file with a text editor doing a search and replace, and then importing the uprocs again.

The way to export the objects can be done with the UVMS commands uniexp available in the folder app\bin since version 6.9.01

Then the import can be done with the command uniimp

See the examples of the uniexp command to export all the uprocs from a node to the file /tmp/uprocs.xml:

<uvms_folder>/app/bin/uniexp -mshost uvms_hostname -msport 4184 -login admin -pwd XXX -company COMPANY -area X -node NODENAME -upr "*" -file /tmp/uprocs.xml


extracted uprocs: 58


Then you need to edit the /tmp/uprocs.xml with an editor such as notepad++ or similar and replace the email addresses domain from old one to the new one.

And finally you import this modified xml file (uprocs_modified.xml ) with uniimp and the -overwrite option:

<uvms_folder>/app/bin/uniimp -mshost uvms_hostname  -msport 4184 -login admin -pwd XXX -company TST600 -area X -node NODENAME -upr "*" -file /tmp/uprocs_modified.xml -overwrite


        importing [TST_RESEXE][000] ... overwritten
imported uprocs: 58


Else, you could also modify the files $UNI_DIR_DATA/AREA/UPROCID_UPROCVERSION.mail where this email addresses are stored.

Ie, the file U000000048_000.mail

                <email><![CDATA[[email protected]]]></email>


Additional Information

If the Uproc contains Uproc Files, it is normal that several other xml files will be generated in the same output folder, one per file.

It does not affect the activity that needs to be done only in the uproc xml file (/tmp/uprocs.xml in the example).