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After upgrading VMARCHIVER to RSU 1901 and also VMBACKUP with the latest PTFs, I am getting an error where VMARCHIVER cannot connect to VMBACKUP


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VM:Archiver for z/VM


In preparation for running in z/VM 7.2 (while still on z/VM 6.4) I have upgraded VMARCHIVER and VMBACKUP to the latest service available. I have also updated the VMNDLKD64 on the PARM disk with the new version, dropped and reloaded the latter with CPXUNLOAD and CPXLOAD.  Started up VMBACKUP without issues and then VMARCHIVER, but got the following error on VMARCHIVER userid (VMARCHA).

22:46:03 VMARCHA  000C VMAMNG0376E VM:Archiver does not have access to VMBKUPDN.
22:46:03 VMARCHA  000C VMAMNG0169E Processing has ended due to an internal error.
22:46:03 VMARCHA  000C VMAEVR0336I Scheduled event 9005 ended; rc = 376.

I have attached the entire startup console for VMARCHIVER to this case.

The older version of VMARCHIVER 2.4 and VMBACKUP 3.6 didn't have this connection issue...

What could be causing this problem?



Release : 2.4

Component : CA VM:Archiver for z/VM


Putting the newer version of VMBKUPDN MODULE on common disk fixed the issue.


If you created his new/alternate “VM:Backup” server of VMBKUPDN by doing a VMDEFINE of VMBKUPDN and did a VMDEPLOY of the VM:Backup code to the VMBKUPDN UserID, VMDEPLOY should have created the VMBKUPDN MODULE (the “special” instance of the VMBACKUP MODULE for the VM:Backup server) and put it on the VMANGER PUBLIC disk (or the ALTPUBLIC disk if he deployed to ALTERNATE).

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