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Dollar Universe connectivity with SAP system


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Dollar Universe lost connectivity with SAP system, even though the SAP server engine was Started and the SAP Target System was up and running.

In universe.log we can see the error messages:

|ERROR|X|SAP|pid=<with some random number>| uxsap_connect_with_retry  | Cannot create connection on SAP system [NodeName/*/]

In dev_rfc.trc file we can see the following errors:

LOCATION    CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host with Unicode
ERROR       max no of 200 conversations exceeded
TIME        Fri Oct 01 04:45:13 2021
RELEASE     720
COMPONENT   CPIC (TCP/IP) with Unicode
RC          466
MODULE      r3cpic.c
LINE        14569


This issue is related to a SAP system limit, for more detail please refer to the SAP note “314530 - Number of RFC/CPIC connections for external clients”

The errors related to CPIC which is a sublayer of the RFC protocol stack. CPIC errors are mainly related to SAP.

Insufficient CPIC conversations set in SAP system can lead to performance problems.



Release : 6.x

Component : Dollar Universe


Create a file unienv_specific in the folder data/nodefiles and define an environment variable to extend SAP conversation limit.

For Linux/Unix, create the file unienv_specific.ksh in which you add a line as following:
export CPIC_MAX_CONV=900

For Windows, create the file unienv_specific.bat in which you add a line as following:

Restart Dollar Universe to take the change into account.

Additional Information

Below documentation describes how to Troubleshot SAP Manager issues:

Actual CPIC_MAX_CONV SAP System Limit can be checked here: