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APM - How to change cpp-probes default process-name for the NGINX monitor?


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We need to change the process name under investigator (at the moment the default process-name is cpp-probes). How can we do it?




1. Open <apmia-home>/core/config/IntroscopeAgent.profile file.
2. Update the property to modify process name
Below example illustrate how to changed the process name as 'mynginx'
# Each probe instance connection to collector is mapped to the virtual agent at
# EM Following two properties will govern how this agent will be named.
# There are three replacementvariables that allowed in the configured name:
#       {type} - Probe type. Currently supported types are php and nodejs
#       {program} - Name of the program that probe is attached to (e.g.
# /usr/bin/httpd)
#       {collector} - Name of collector agent. See agent naming properties below.
# These properties are not hot and require collector re-start to take effect.
# Default value for probe process name is {type}
# Changing this property requires restarting the Monitored Process mynginx

# Default value for probe agent name is {program}
# Changing this property requires restarting the Monitored Process{collector}({program})
Here is the result:

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