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Track how many users have used Clarity timesheet mobile App


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Is there a way to track how many users have used the Mobile app? This will help us to know if we have to circulate the Mobile use with our users.



Release : 15.9.1

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1. When a user accesses the Mobile Time Manager App, an entry is generated to the app-access.log. The entry contains keyword 'GET /niku/odata/getTimeAppInitial?'. Access the log and filter for this entry to get the use count.

2. Run the following query which returns the user name and total number of times the user signed in: SELECT a.url_short, b.user_id, COUNT(b.user_id) "Total Number of Times", c.FULL_NAME "Name" FROM log_details a, log_sessions b, srm_resources c WHERE a.session_cookie = b.token and a.URL_SHORT = 'odata/getTimeAppInitial' and c.user_id = b.user_id group by a. url_short, b.user_id,c.FULL_NAME