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FDM - Creating Indices or upgrading only FDM


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We want to add an Index to existing seeding table or upgrading to new seeding table(s), ascertain what other impact or changes the latter would entail? 

To improve the overall performance of masking, we are looking at improving masking timing at Geico. 

I would like to understand if adding some indices to the seeding tables adds value and improve performance. 

Also, is it true that in place of gtref_reference_data table in Repo, we now have multiple tables in repo with a newer version of FDM? If so, can we upgrade to that version, but still use our existing masking files or a full rework is needed?

Can we have a call with FDM experts at Broadcom to look at our options to improve our overall FDM performance with/without upgrading to TDM 4.9.1.


Release : 4.9.1

Component : Fast Data Masker


If you create your own Seedlists - then please feel free to add the indexes.  However, we request and do not advise to add any indexes to the repro tables as that has not been tested.

If you are working with large tables, there have been improvements within the FDM versions to help as you can see from the version comments.

Please note, the new FDM version includes an embedded JRE rather than run a JRE installer. This will allow customers to use different JRE versions that will not impact on FDM.

We know that your company has a large number of scripts. you should either change them to point to the embedded JRE or or still use the installed JRE.  Just wanted to make you aware.