PTF LU02191
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PTF LU02191


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


PTF LU02191 introduces a new parameter : DSN-SYSTEM-CSI.

I want to know first if this parameter is required to be specified in the GSVXxxxx Parmlib member. If specified, what kind of enqueue (if any) or allocation  is put on this vsam CSI dataset. 


Release : 16.0

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New feature PTF LU02191 concerns


The DSN-SYSTEM-CSI is a configuration option that you don't have to use unless you want to use the module analysis feature. It gets specified in the dataset member that is pointed to by the GSVXSCFG DD on your SYSVIEW STC and defaults to NONE if not specified.  

Per the documentation:
Dsn-System-CSI - Specifies the name of the SMP/E CSI data set used for installation and maintenance.
   Valid Values: Any valid data set name. The SMP/E CSI data set name must end with ".CSI"
   Default Value: NONE

More information can be found at this link:


This only comes into play when running the analysis via the MODIDS or CSIQUERY commands, outlined below, however, there should be no concern for enqueues or holds against the CSI:  


Support for Product Module and PTF Analysis
Product module and PTF analysis combines module identification and PTF information from your run-time loadlib with maintenance data that is found in your product SMP/E installation CSI library. The following commands were added to provide support to product module analysis functionality:

CSIQUERY -The command displays data that is returned from an SMP/E GIMAPI QUERY command request. The data is stored in a VSAM data set called the Consolidated Software Inventory (CSI).

  • Users can view detailed information from any SMP/E CSI data set.
  • The query can retrieve data from one or more zones that are contained in the CSI.
  • CA SYSVIEW APIs can be used to query information from the CSIs

MODIDS - The command analyzes the module identification information that can be found in Broadcom product load modules.

  • Product module analysis combines module identification information from your run-time loadlib with maintenance data that is found in the SMP/E installation CSI library for your product.

To summarize, the DSM-SYSTEM-CSI gets specified in the GSVXSCFG DD dataset and it will not cause a hold on the CSI.