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Applications not opening properly / missing dependencies in DE Desktop Client (dSeries)


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CA Workload Automation DE


Some applications with mulitple jobs do not render correctly in the 12.3 Desktop Client.  Jobs may be stacked onto one and when the user clicks Layout, all dependencies are gone.


In the Application XML, some old 11.3 tags may still be present.  At some point the application and other artifacts were to properly migrated.  They may have been simply copied over from old version to new.  

Copying of artifacts from older version to new version of DE server is not supported as it can cause several issues.


Release : 12.3

Component :


Follow these steps:

  • If the application is not opening properly in current version (e.g. 12.3) then use a previous version, e.g. 12.2.  This may help open up the application and will show all the proper dependencies.
  • Use Web UI or DE Web Client to open the application.  Use the same version of Web client as the DE version, e.g. if DE is 12.3, then use 12.3 Web Client.
  • Lastly, if none of the above suggestions work, then application must be recreated in Desktop Client.  The tags may have been severely corrupted that they can no longer be fixed.

Note: Do not make any manual fixes to the XML tags.  This can render corrupt the application and may result in DE server crash.