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Gen 8.5/8.6 applications using 8.5/8.6 Client Managers fail for 8.5


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In the process of ongoing migration activities from Gen 8.5 to 8.6.
Have separate path/different folders for 8.5 & 8.6 (both releases having separate application folder/runtime and client manager files) and will also switch the registry settings that has path settings to point to whichever is needed to use 8.5/8.6 application versions
When running the 8.6 client application it is working successfully but the 8.5 client application cannot connect to the server i.e. it is just hanging.


Release: 8.6

Component: CA Gen Client Manager



Checked the Gen 8.5 Client Manager IEFCMN.SRV file (configuration directory "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\CA\Gen 8.5\cfg\cm")
The definition for the COMMDLL is IOTCPN instead of IOTCP85N.
It seems that perhaps 8.6 IEFCMN.SRV file was copied accidentally into the 8.5 configuration directory which replaced the 8.5 version.
Restoring the 8.5 version of the IEFCMN.SRV file resolved the issue.