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We noticed that doi-situations-0 pod is not running and always in Terminating status. 

How can we fix the issue?


doi-situations is a stateful set and this will be recreated by Kubernetes just like any other k8s object in case this is Terminated but in case this is in "Terminating" state i.e its waiting for something to happen before this Pod gets terminated.
Sometimes, the pod does not come out from the Terminating state and this can happen either the pod has a finalizer associated with it that is not completing, or the pod is not responding to termination signals sent by Kubernetes API Server .


DX Platform 20.2.x

DX Operational Intelligence 20.2.x


You can invoke the following command to remove the Pod from the system and a new Pod will get created on the Application node:
kubectl delete pod <PODNAME> --grace-period=0 --force --namespace <NAMESPACE>
that actual reason of the Pod in terminating state can be can be found under the Events section of the output of the below command 
kubectl describe pod <PODNAME> --namespace <NAMESPACE>

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