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From SSM V2 to V3 conversion: ACTION table symbols


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


In SSM V2 implementation, it is possible to code in the ACTION tables symbols like "&PARM" , "&CMDCHAR" , which are fetched from the STC table during the execution.

How to manage these symbols when moving to SSM V3 ? 

Do they still work the same way in SSM V3 or is it necessary to update any POLICY with decoded value for them to work ?


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Component : OPS/MVS


Moving to SSM V3, it is still possible to use the variables in the MVSCMD actions in the same way used in SSMV2.

So the &PARM and &CMDCHAR in SSM V3 are used and managed the same way that in SSM V2.

In addition, in SSM V3 it is even possible to enable the editing of those fields from Policy Manager:

The SSM User Column Administration Panel