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Configuring data file in REST Step


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CA Application Test


Is there a way to configure data file and cert file in REST step? For example, the below curl command will work fine and want to do the same in RESt step.

curl -X POST --cert /Test/Cert1.pkcs:xxx --cert-type p12 https://endpointhost/path/key --data "/Test/xxx12.json"


Release : 10.6

Component : DevTest Workstation


REST step doesn't provide the functionality to pass the data file and/or cert file.


Here are the possible workarounds:

. You can use the Execute External Command step in DevTest and run your CURL command which should work.

. Use the HTTP/HTML step and configure it as below:

. Configure the Protocol, Endpoint hostname, basepath and the POST Parameter data=path to the JSON file as in the below screenshot:

. Configure the cert information in the SSL tab of the HTTP/HTML step. 

With the above configuration the execute the step and it should work. 

Additional Information

Documentation on Execute External Command step is available at

Documentation on HTTP/HTML step is available at