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After importing xml file for self certification that is not showing under the vendor certification section


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We have tried to import the zip file under the Vendor Certification section and after importing the file the mGuard certifications are not displayed. 

The following error is displayed when opening this URL: http://<DA_hostname>:8581/typecatalog/certifications/snmp/mGuardEDSECSStatusMib

Type Catalog Web Service Status

Status code: 404
Message: The requested Vendor Certification is not available.



In a single DA environment, this is the file path:


But in a DA in Fault-Tolerant, first, get the Shared folder location by looking at the /etc/DA.cfg content.

$ cat /etc/DA.cfg

Find the value of parameter. An example of the value: /DASharedRepo/data

There is no /DASharedRepo/data/certifications directory on the DA, the certification folder is missing.

Someone had renamed the original data directory to data.old, and a new data folder was created without the certifications sub-folder.

Also, check the da user in the /etc/DA.cfg file, which should be the owner of the /DASharedRepo/data/ directory.



Release : 21.2

Component : IM Certifications


These are the steps to rename the current data folder and rename back the data.old to data:

1) Put the DA into maintenance in one node:

/opt/CA/IMDataAggregator/scripts/dadaemon maintenance

/opt/CA/IMDataAggregator/scripts/dadaemon status

2) Put the DA into maintenance in another node:

/opt/CA/IMDataAggregator/scripts/dadaemon maintenance

/opt/CA/IMDataAggregator/scripts/dadaemon status

DA is still running.

3) Run the following syntaxes:

/opt/CA/IMDataAggregator/scripts/dadaemon stop (logged as root)

/opt/CA/IMDataAggregator/scripts/dadaemon status (logged as root)

Successfully stopped DA.

4) Renamed /DASharedRepo/data/ to /DASharedRepo/data.211006

5) Renamed /DASharedRepo/data.old/ to /DASharedRepo/data/

6) But the owner of the /DASharedRepo/data/ directory is not the one defined in the /etc/DA.cfg file.

7) Fails to run chown on the DA nodes.

8) Successfully run the chown on the DA-Proxy machine.

9) Activate the DA in one node:

/opt/CA/IMDataAggregator/scripts/dadaemon activate

/opt/CA/IMDataAggregator/scripts/dadaemon status

10) Active the DA in another node:

/opt/CA/IMDataAggregator/scripts/dadaemon activate (logged as root)

/opt/CA/IMDataAggregator/scripts/dadaemon status (logged as root)

11) Re-imported the XML files.

12) The mGuard temperature metric is now displayed in PM/Portal.


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