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RunClient.jar does not load due to "Could not find or load main class" error


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Double clicking on RunClient.jar may not do anything except a cmd prompt window quickly opening and closing. No Client window is loaded.

Looking closely at the cmd window, the below error is seen before it disappears:

Could not find or load main class

Additionally, launching the client from the command line works as expected


Likely an environment issue


Release : 9.3

Component :


While the cause and solution is still under investigation, a workaround is available. See below:

Create a batch script(ie RunClient.bat) that runs 2 commands below and save:

cd C:\Users\test\Desktop\Client
java -jar RunClient.jar

Note that the above path value should be replaced with the directory path value where the RunClient.jar exist.

Double clicking on the RunClient.bat should allow the client to load.

Additional Information

RCA/Solution under investigation