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ssh: connect to host gw10 port 22: Connection refused


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2 gateways that were running on VM Ware Fusion Pro.

- After upgrade of my Mac to BigSur, Fusion was no longer working and I switched to Player (free).

- I restarted the gateway. For one gateway, I can remotely access it over ssh. But for the other, I have the following error message:

ssh: connect to host gw10 port 22: Connection refused

Yet, the sshd service is running, I have the ssgconfig user listed in /etc/ssh/ssh_allowed_users and the iptables seems to be properly configured (see file attached).

Anywhere else I should look at?



On nonworking gateway "ip a" shows ens33 network interface is being mapped instead eth0 as expected to.


Release : 10.1

Component : API GATEWAY


1. Turn the gw off 

2. Change the MAC address of the network connection used by the VM to the one of ssg_eth0

3.  restart the gateway

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