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Software Update Agent plug-in is not installing on machines


Article ID: 225527


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IT Management Suite


The Altiris Software Update Agent plug-in was installing fine and now is not installing on new machines or reimaged machines and all other sub-agent plugins are installing fine.


ITMS 8.x


Resolved this issue by:

  • Doing a "Resource Membership Update" - running all 3 tasks manually

  • Verified that the machine(s) with this issue show up in the "Software Update Plug-in Install" policy's Applied to computer list

  • Added a schedule to run every hour daily

  • Did an update config on the test machine and verified it got the updated policy schedule

  • Manually ran the installer from the Sym Agent's properties and it successfully installed and shows up as installed

  • Took a couple of minutes for the Software Update Tab to show up and populate

  • Monitored to verify that this plug-in installs to all machines