OPS/MVS Set-up of Sysplex Variables in Sysplex
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OPS/MVS Set-up of Sysplex Variables in Sysplex


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


It has been requested by customers the possibility to share Sysplex Variables among only some specific OPS/MVS systems in a Sysplex.

For example, having 5 Lpars defined in the Sysplex, the possibility to share Sysplex Variables only between 2 specific Lpars.

In the OPSMVS documentation, it is reported that :  

A point to remember is that all sysplex variables for a specific CA OPS/MVS are always available
on all systems in the sysplex. Each CA-OPS/MVS with the same subsystem name participates in the backup process by
backing up variables that are created or updated on the current system.

How to achieve the request. 



Release :  

Component : OPS/MVS


Based on the explanation reported in the documentation, the only currently available option to 'isolate' Sysplex variables from an OPS/MVS standpoint would be to run OPS/MVS with different SSIDs. OPS/MVS's use and access to Sysplex Variables can be isolated by using different SSID's for each copy of OPS/MVS executing on an LPAR in a Sysplex. 

Say Sysplex systems A & B use OPSS and would see only vars from those SSIDs,  then Sysplex systems C & D could use OPST and would only see vars from those SSIDs.  

This does not hold true IF Sysview is used to view Sysplex variables (CAVARS command). SYSVIEW can also access Sysplex Variables and it will see ALL variables in a Sysplex.

Sysplex variables use the Sysplex Coupling Facility to store data so there is not any VSAM file involved with the use of Sysplex variables other than to create a backup copy if desired.