General Hyperbuf questions
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General Hyperbuf questions


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HYPER-BUF VSAM Buffer Optimizer


From customer:


Hyperbuf was installed many years ago. 


1:  I am checking the files that belong to it and I find this file that I have no reference to: HYPERBUF.V1105.IVP.KSDS.  Does it have any relation with the product?


2:  Apart from the information that Hyperbuf sends to the SYSLOG:  Does the product have any log file or history file available?


Release : 11.5

Component : CA Hyper-Buf VSAM Buffer Optimizer


Sent the answers to customer:


1:  Hyperbuf has an IVP (Installation Verification Procedure).  The cluster you mentioned might have been part of that process long ago when you did the

install.  You do not need that particular KSDS for Hyperbuf to run.


2:  Hyperbuf maintains no log or record files.  The messages generated are in the SYSLOG and the JOBLOG depending on the MSGLEVEL option

specified.  There is no history file or any fall back methodology.  This is strictly a job to job process.