Error on forwarding messages in Catalog Environment
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Error on forwarding messages in Catalog Environment


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CA Service Catalog


Catalog Environment was defined with "some" attributes in the message.

When the message is opened (in OUTLOOK), the user can see the selected attributes

But if the user now clicks on "Forward Message", then ALL attributes are displayed

and the recipient will get the message and can see all attributes.


Release : 17.3 + RU05

Component : Catalog - Email


In the Request Management Configuration, End user defined 4 attributes for the message:

Name, Erstellungsdatum, Zuletzt geändert, Status

(It doesn’t matter, which attributes are selected)

The PAM Process (SOAP Webservice SendRequestEmail) with the option "Include Request Details in Email“ generates the mail and sends it.

Below is the sample message, the end user sees in OUTLOOK. This is correct. Only the selected 4 attributes are displayed:

Now End user clicks on "Forward“ (or "Reply“) and sees the following message.

And if the recipient would open that message, he would also see all attributes:

This is WRONG. Only the select 4 attributes should be displayed!


Solution was identified and fix packaging is in progress for this case defect i.e. issue was fixed and will be part of SM 17.3 + RU10 Patch.

Please do open a new case to further get know the status of the RU10 patch