EEM's server.log is not updating
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EEM's server.log is not updating


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CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys)


Customer observed that their EEM server.log has not received any updates since it was started.  


Release : 11.3.6

Component :


EEM server.log may not have any info if the logging levels the server.xml is set to, has not generated any content


EEM's server.log may not get additional entries if the set log levels have not generated any content. EEM's audit.log  is a better one to look at in this case, as all EEM operations get logged there. Some times there maybe a few seconds delay in seeing updates to this file, but EEM constantly writes to this file (as long as users/applications are using EEM).


In case of Autosys/WCC, if they are configured to connect to multiple EEM servers for High Availability, then we need to check which EEM's 5250 port the application is currently connecting to:

netstat -an|grep 5250
tcp        0      0            ESTABLISHED


The above shows that the current server (IP:  is connected to EEM server (  on port 5250 ).  This way we can identify which EEM server, the Autosys server currently connecting to.