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Broadcom Live API Creator 5.x : How to hide host information from "next_batch" attribute in the response


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CA Live API Creator


LAC administrator may considerate the option to hide host's information/identify (either hostname or IP) within the returning response.  


LAC, by default, shows hostname or IP in the "next_batch" attribute within the returning response.  


Broadcom Live API Creator 5.x and higher


There are multiple solutions to the problem:

Solution A: Go to API Properties > Settings and "uncheck" the Include metadata section in responses (See Screen shot below)

Solution B: Remove Metadata from individual response by adding the url query parameter nometa=true to each request.

This will remove the metadata section from that particular request.

For example http://apitestserver.local:8080/rest/default/ndbon/v1/main:product?nometa=true 

Solution C: Modify specific attributes from response metadata, example provided here:

In this example our developer have created a Response Event(HideHostIp), this Response Event inspects the response and masks the hostIP for href and removes the links.
Customer can modify this example to suit their needs.