Locally mounted CIFS filesystem is not discovered in UIM through the cdm probe
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Locally mounted CIFS filesystem is not discovered in UIM through the cdm probe


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We have an issue with discovering the locally mounted CIFS filesystem via the cdm probe. We have asked the requestor to unmount and mount the FS in the Linux server and restart the server but even after that it didn't get discovered. Need your help to understand and the steps on how to discover this CIFS filesystems in the cdm probe. Any troubleshooting steps which we missed here or its the cdm probe which is not detecting this FS?


Release : 20.3



- configuration


Please refer to the cdm Advanced Configuration techdoc:

cdm Advanced Configuration

There are a few important considerations for CIFS monitoring.

How to mount CIFS share for monitoring

The folder to be mounted on Linux should have the "sharing"  option. Use the following  command to mount a windows folder on Linux:

mount -t cifs -o username=administrator,password=<password>//<machine_name_to_mount>/data/windows

Once the drive is added, the type appears as “Network”

allow_remote_disk_info: makes the Device Id of shared drive and local drive identical.
Default: Yes 

When the value of this key is Yes, the probe generates the Device Id of the shared drive based on remote device. Navigate to the setup folder and set this key to No to enable this feature. This feature is introduced because of the following two reasons:

  1. When file system is mounted on Linux through cifs and the cdm probe is deployed fresh, the Device Id and Metric Id for QoS and alarms for the respective mounted file system are missing.
  2. On restarting, the probe is unable to mark cifs drives as network drive and hence generates the wrong Device Id and Metric Id.

NFS Space check and Disk Missing alarms are supported as of cdm v6.60 or higher.