How to create a single EXE for Endpoint Security downloaded client install package
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How to create a single EXE for Endpoint Security downloaded client install package


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Instructions to creating a single EXE for deployment for the SES SEP Client.


  1. Go to ICDM Portal.  Download a Full installation package creator.  Run it, specify a directory to download the files to (ex: c:\Install).
  2. Install 7-Zip if it is not already installed.
  3. In Windows Explorer, select the four files + one directory which were downloaded, right-click / 7-zip / Add to Archive.  Name the file something like "Install.7z".
  4. Retrieve 7z-Extra from 9.20 at 7z-zip's download site.  (Note, must be v9.20, file name to download is "7z920_extra.7z").
  5. Open "7z920_extra.7z" with 7-zip and extract "7zS.sfx" to the directory you are working with (you do not need to extract the rest of the archive).
  6. With Explorer create an empty text file titled "config.txt" in the directory.
  7. Install Notepad++ if it is not already.  Use Notepad++ to open "config.txt".
  8. Within Notepad++, set the Encoding to "UTF-8".  Enter this in to the config.txt file & save:
    Title="SES Install test 1.0"
    BeginPrompt="Do you want to install Symantec Endpoint Security?"
  9. You should now have a folder with three files:
    1. Install.7z
    2. 7zS.sfx
    3. config.txt
  10. Open a command prompt to this directory and run this command:
    copy /b 7zS.sfx + config.txt + Install.7z SES_Install.exe

You can now run SES_Install.exe as a single executable to install SES.  You could tweak the config.txt file to remove the BeginPrompt line and run the full install right after the UAC prompt.

***For a power-point presentation of this process, see attached file.


1633465485444__SES_Single_EXE_Install.pptx get_app