Rebooting of computer results in BSOD error: 0xc000000e after deploying image
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Rebooting of computer results in BSOD error: 0xc000000e after deploying image


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Ghost Solution Suite


Reboot system after deploying an image to destination machine a pop-up “Windows Recovery” error 0xc000000e


Release: 3.x



Image contains dynamic partitions:

 in this case, customer image contains 6 partitions with dynamic partitions


It was determined in one situation that you could try unplugging the network cable for a successful image.  It would be recommended to try that first, after image is put down, to see if that works for you.

Note this process will only work for systems with efi based Windows 10 image

In automation run the following commands


list disk

select disk 0 ( this should be the main drive in the computer )


convert gpt

create partition efi size=100

format quick FS=FAT32 label="SYSTEM"

assign letter=S

create partition primary

format quick FS=NTFS label="WINDOWS"

assign letter=w

  • For the image process deploy a partition image From ghost menu select:  local > Partition > From Image
  • Browse for the image and select the partition that contains the windows data ( this is usually the largest partition )
  • Select the destination drive and the partition 
  • After deploying partition image exit ghost and enter: w:\windows\system32\bcdboot w:\windows /s S: /f UEFI
  • Then boot the computer into windows production


Note: all the above information can be put in the automation environment by editing the startup.bat file and recreating the preboot environment.. The diskpart script can contain: 

echo SELECT DISK 0 >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo CLEAN >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo CONVERT GPT >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo CREATE PARTITION EFI SIZE=100 >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo FORMAT QUICK FS=FAT32 LABEL="SYSTEM" >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo ASSIGN LETTER=S >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo FORMAT QUICK FS=NTFS LABEL="WINDOWS" >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo ASSIGN LETTER=W >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo EXIT >> x:\diskpart.txt

diskpart /s x:\diskpart.txt