Rebooting of computer results in BSOD error: 0xc000000e after deploying image
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Rebooting of computer results in BSOD error: 0xc000000e after deploying image


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Ghost Solution Suite


Reboot system after deploying an image to destination machine a pop-up “Windows Recovery” error 0xc000000e


Release: 3.x



Image contains dynamic partitions:

 in this case, customer image contains 6 partitions with dynamic partitions


Note this process will only work for systems with efi based Windows 10 image

In automation run the following commands


list disk

select disk 0 ( this should be the main drive in the computer )


convert gpt

create partition efi size=100

format quick FS=FAT32 label="SYSTEM"

assign letter=S

create partition primary

format quick FS=NTFS label="WINDOWS"

assign letter=w

  • For the image process deploy a partition image From ghost menu select:  local > Partition > From Image
  • Browse for the image and select the partition that contains the windows data ( this is usually the largest partition )
  • Select the destination drive and the partition 
  • After deploying partition image exit ghost and enter: w:\windows\system32\bcdboot w:\windows /s S: /f UEFI
  • Then boot the computer into windows production


Note: all the above information can be put in the automation environment by editing the startup.bat file and recreating the preboot environment.. The diskpart script can contain: 

echo SELECT DISK 0 >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo CLEAN >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo CONVERT GPT >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo CREATE PARTITION EFI SIZE=100 >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo FORMAT QUICK FS=FAT32 LABEL="SYSTEM" >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo ASSIGN LETTER=S >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo FORMAT QUICK FS=NTFS LABEL="WINDOWS" >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo ASSIGN LETTER=W >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo EXIT >> x:\diskpart.txt

diskpart /s x:\diskpart.txt