debugging SDC TrapX
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debugging SDC TrapX


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


We are having issues with SDC configured TrapX for trap forwarding. How do we debug this service? 


Release : All Supported Releases

Component : Spectrum Trap Exploder (TrapX)


TrapX is enabled in sdc.ENV file and configured with trapx.config file.

Neither of these files has debugging options. 


To enable debug:

Debug can be enabled on both the SDM and SDC by adding the option –loglevel to the sdm.config or sdc.config.

Default location on a stand-alone trapx install:  /opt/CA/SDMConnector/bin/sdc.config

The levels of debug are:
-loglevel error          Only error messages are logged (least verbose)
-loglevel warning    Warning messages and errors are logged into sdmlog.log  (recommended and default setting)
-loglevel info    Informational, warning and error messages are logged into sdmlog.log
-loglevel debug   Verbose debug messages are logged into the sdmlog.log

If –loglevel debug is used then –maxlogsize 50 should also be used to keep the log file sizes down default is 10.

For most issues loglevel warning should provide sufficient amount of information in troubleshooting SDM / SDC connectivity issues.  

If there are no messages in the sdmlog.log then everything is working correctly.

Loglevel  debug should not be used unless directed by Engineering as more often it contains too much information and it can be difficult to find where the real problem lies.

  * Remember that there can be only one line in the config files so never hit carriage return or the options will be ignored *


the logfile will be


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