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Created new Security Role, now the Create New Task window is empty and user is unable to create new Tasks


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Client Management Suite Server Management Suite IT Management Suite


After creating a new security role, the users are not able to Create new Tasks as the Create New Task window does not have a list of Tasks in it. 


Settings > All Settings > Notification Server > Task Settings > Task Types does not have inheritance enabled, so we have to add these items manually.




Follow the steps below to enable users to Create New Tasks for any security role.

Open up Security Role Manager.  This is available at: Settings > Security > Security Role Manager  OR when viewing a Security Role (Settings > Security > Account Management) click the “Show Security Role Manager Console” button at the bottom of that Security Role.

Step 1 Choose the correct Security Role you'd like to modify.

Rest of the Steps 1-7:


Steps 8-13

NOTE: You don’t have to add all of the Item Permissions listed here, but we do require READ and CREATE NEW TASK permissions in steps 11 and 12 for the new role to see and create new Tasks.


If the user does not have the option to create new Tasks, add the Management Privileges > Create Jobs or Tasks.  Also add other permissions here if desired (i.e. Create Client and Server jobs).
If the user needs to delete tasks, add the Right Click Menu > Delete permission: