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What happens when the license expires for Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange?


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange


Your license is about to expire or reached its expiration date and you want to know how functionality is limited at expiration for Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE). 

You also want to know if there is a grace period.


License has or is about to expire.


Begin the renewal process for your SMSMSE license as there is no grace period. When the license expires, the following limitations occur:

  1. Premium AntiSpam stops working
  2. AntiVirus definitions stop downloading
  3. AntiVirus scanning and content filtering continue to work, but use the latest downloaded definitions

You will need to renew your license to restore the product to full functionality.

Wait until the expiration date arrives, then insert the new license.

Additional Information

Renewing license for multiple years?
When you receive your new licenses, open the .slf files in notepad to check the start and end dates. If you renew for multiple years, wait until the expiration date, then insert only the license for the current year to avoid errors during insertion. Each time SMSMSE prompts you to renew, wait until the expiration date, then insert the new license valid for the current year.

What happens if I insert a license before its Start Date?
See 162634