Task Delete or Delete Investment Job Performance Issue
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Task Delete or Delete Investment Job Performance Issue


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When deleting a task from the Modern UX, the deletion is slow and projects get locked for editing for too long.

While using the timeline view in a project, and deleting a task, there is a performance issue.
If trying to delete from the grid view, it will take ~1 minute to finish.

The Delete Investments and Time Reporting Periods job is also noticed to be slow.


This is reported as DE62541 and is determined to be a data issue, not a defect.

1. Run the following query:

SELECT defs.context_id, ctx.name, ctx.code, defs.id, count(*)
FROM odf_picklist_contexts ctx, odf_picklist_defs defs, odf_item_positions pos
and defs.lookup_type = 'prTaskStatus'
AND pos.picklist_def_id = defs.id
AND ctx.id = defs.context_id
and pos.object_code = 'task'
GROUP BY defs.context_id, ctx.name, ctx.code, defs.id
order by count(1) desc


2. Based on the results, a delete statement can be constructed to provide immediate resolution

Please contact Support for assistance.